I have always wanted to draw all three of them together.

"I will commend you to the Knight Commander, Enchanter Hawke. It is rare to see a mage cooperate with the authorities."


getting followed by ur favorite bloggers is like having your crush over at your house on one hand you’re super excited but on the other hand it’s like shit I gotta class this place up


Français: Il y a tellement de beaux fanarts de Aimo, allez voir sa galerie ^^

English: So many beautiful fanarts from Aimo, go to her gallery ^^


favorite dragon age romances

Hawke&Fenris | Hawke&Isabela
headcanon: If he gets crowned king, Bhelen sits on that damn throne after everyone leaves and just CRUMBLES because he suddenly realizes what he's done to get there and then the guilt comes crashing down on him and he just sits there sobbing, begging his Ancestors to hear him and asking for forgiveness. Except nobody can hear him. And after he cried himself half-mad, he understands what a horrible little dipshit he's been. And then he goes ahead and becomes the best damn king Orzammar has ever had in honor of his siblings and his father

For every “★” I get, I will post a fact about my characters.


You can specify any number of characters you want. You may also specific something you want to hear about, but not too specific. :>

ex: ★ Fears 


Something extremely stupid; but I drew it anyway.